The Athens of Cuba

taste our local culture, nature & have some fun

Matanzas is one of the glamorous cultural beacons of Cuba’s past. Situated on the shore of a large bay, the city has been called the Athens of Cuba when the cultural and economic life of the city outshone that of Havana back in the 19th century. Meeting with the city´s cultural wealth, snorkeling and swimming at Coral Beach or Saturno Cave, visiting Bellamar Caves, the first Cuban tourist attraction are a must for any visitor who intends to taste our natural and cultural charms just 30 minutes from Varadero. We offer a personalized service, no jeep tour caravans!!!

Tour Program

09:00hrs - 16:00hrs

  • Departing from Varadero: 09:00-16:00. Departing from Havana: 08:00-17:30 (1´30 hrs drive to Matanzas city).
  • Visit to Coral Beach for snorkeling in overwhelming coral reefs. Instructor guided snorkeling including gears is 10.00 CUC per person.
  • Visit to Saturno Cave, a cenote or underground natural pool to swim and snorkel among stalagmites and stalactites. Admission fee including snorkeling gears is 6.00 CUC per person.
  • Lunch at a local restaurant (not included).
  • Visit to Bellamar Caves. Admission fee is 5.00 CUC per person and photo camera use is 5.00 CUC per person.
  • Visit to Matanzas city. Liberty Park, Sauto Theater, Calle Medio (City´s Boulevard), Monserrate’s Hermitage, Pharmaceutical Museum.
  • Drive along the peninsula of Varadero. Visit to Dupont's Mansion, Casa de Al, flea market. Optional beach time for customers who are not staying in a local hotel.
  • Drive back to your accommodation.

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